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Connecting with your audience shouldn’t be a game of Guess Who?

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Audiences Reimagined

Step boldly into the future of audience engagement, where brands can shatter limitations of who they reach. Meet Seedtag’s Contextual Audiences, fueling boundless engagement in a privacy-centric era.

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Signature Audiences

Crafted to capture modern consumer interests and identify key audiences. Our ready-to-activate audiences guarantee rapid engagement enhancement for your brand in real-time

Conscious Consumers. Art & Culture Lovers. Women’s Health. Vintage and Retro Fashion.
#LizContextualAI #LizContextualAI

Seasonal Audiences

Engage your audience at the peak of specific global seasonal events. Seasonal Audiences are expertly designed to maintain relevance throughout a key timeframe, boosting the effectiveness of Signature Contextual Audiences

F1 Grand Prix. Veganuary. Black Friday. Earth Day
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Empower your brand to reach its unique audience. Our proprietary contextual AI, Liz, engineers one-of-a-kind audiences to fulfill your brand’s distinct goals. For campaigns that require going beyond pre-crafted options, trust our expertise to connect your brand with its niche audience, ensuring unparalleled success

Bespoke Audiences For You
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Growing Challenge of Connecting with Your Audience

*Reference ANA & Lumen research

70 %

Of “Viewable” Ads are not viewed

Of “Viewable” Ads are not viewed

1 in 5

Consumers remember a brand after seeing an ad

Consumers remember a brand after seeing an ad

23 %

Of programmatic ad spend is wasted

Of programmatic ad spend is wasted

Interest-Based Precision: Target interests. Not stereotypes


Tailored to Your Needs: Full Control to Fine-Tune


Brand Suitability: Aligning with Your Brand’s Values


Privacy-First Solution: Audience-Centric Approach


Scalable Across the Open Web: Expanding Reach Effectively

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#AudienceReimagined #AudienceReimagined

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